A Legend From South Korea

Tscha Bum or Cha Bum-kun, is a legend in football field. He is a South Korean football manager who has the thunderous ball striking ability. He was the youngest Korean national team in history anyway. Because of his skills and efforts, he came to German to improve his skills and also help Korea advance football. People know him as all time leading goal scorer for South Korean national team. When it comes to the legend, we cannot say no to Cha Bum-kun. He is the one who starts youth football clinics after his retirement.

We cannot deny the fact about his entire career as a football player in the past, we do agree that the world has the best legend here. There are so many experiences that he had when he was a player. Started from the national career into international ones, he has left so many good marks in the history.

South Korea's Great Football Player

If you know about Cha Bum-kun, you must be familiar with Hong Myung-bo as well. He came with another legend, Cha Bum-kun, as the real legend. He is a former football player and also former manager of the South Korean national team. For your information, he is also considered as the greatest Asian football players of all time, the world even agreed. In the four of World Cup, he joined with the South Korean national team squad and it brought him to mark another good traces.

It is true that nowadays people only know about the football players who are currently rising and tend to forget about the legends. But then again, there is no wrong when you just found out about Hong Myung-bo now. It means that you can enrich your knowledge about the legend of football players that the world has. They are the ones that brought football to this state now.

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